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FC2: first experience

Greetings to all,

I'm a bit of disappointed with FC2. I have been trying to setup 
my desktop as before, without just copying the configuration files.
>From my first experience, here goes some comments:

#1: Kernel 2.6 with PREEMPY enabled
It really is disappointing. I've been following 2.6 development since
middle 2.5.x and never liked PREEMPT because of mouse hangs while under 
not-so-heavy load.

#2: GNOME still has not a left margin for deploying icons. New icons are 
too near the edge of the screen. gnome.org did nothing, neither Fedora.

#3: For some reason, "joe" has HOME and END keys "dead", ie, they 
do nothing. In FC1 they used to do the positioning right (as in CTRL+A,

#4: Where is the Session Preference Tool? 
I use to run gaim (among others) automatically on startup. Now, how am I
supposed to do it?

#5: Another (perhaps gnome's) issue is having to close all those nautilus
windows that open while I'm browsing the filesystem. I've searched for a
disable option, without success. Really, who finds this usefull???

#6: Where is the desktop (root) "mount" context-menu? Ok, now we have a
"My Computer"-like interface, but it does not replace it...

I'm affraid this list grows bigger than this. Let's hope not.
What about your experience? Did you came across these problems?
You have solutions?

One good thing I've noticed is that my mouse problems stopped (it used to
become unusable after a second reboot). This is, perhaps, a kernel issue 
rather than FC2's...

Best regards,
Nuno Tavares

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