converting to grub from lilo [DrDos on hdc1 not booting]

Michael mogmios at
Mon May 24 08:52:21 UTC 2004

>If I'm right, it will get more confusing if/when computers have more
>than 2 primary ide ports as I think grub's notation will number ALL the
>master drives before any of the slaves...
Grub just seems annoying, needlessly, complex to use. What's the problem 
with LILO that keeps it from not even being an option in FC2? After 
installing I had to go through and manually fix Grub's settings because 
it was trying to incorrectly boot an old Linux off a different drive in 
my computer. I've always found Grub to be more effort for the same bang 
unless you're trying to do something fancy where you need it's flexibility.

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