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Successfully installed x86_64 Fedora Core 2 on i2o device (DualOpteron TYAN Thunder K8W and Adaptec 3200S RAID).

We tried to follow the HOWTO below, but were unable to get the Alt-F2
prompt until after Anaconda had started.  This is too late for Anaconda
to find the i2o attached scsi drives. 


The work around is simply to type 'linux noprobe' at the boot prompt.

Revised HOWTO...

1) Unpack the kernel RPM for your FC2 installer. 32bit is the "i586"
kernel, and 64bit is the "x86_64" kernel. Use a command like:

rpm2cpio kernel-2.6.5-1.358.i586.rpm | cpio -idv

2) Take the i2o_proc.ko module and put it on a floppy disk.

3) At the first screen of isolinux, use "linux noprobe" as a boot

4) When it asks if you want to load any driver disks, install the
i2o_block device, any any others required for your system.

4b) Go into ALT-F2 terminal, manually mount the floppy disk and use
insmod to load the i2o_proc module and lsmod to verify that it was

5) Go back into Anaconda and go through the next few screens. Disk Druid
should now see the i2o disks. Everything *SHOULD* work now. At least it
did for us in testing.

6) After installation you wont ever need the i2o_proc module again, and
it should *JUST WORK*. If not report your results here and I will try to

Many thanks to Richard Rudd who though of trying 'linux noprobe' to get
an earlier Alt-F2 console and to Warren Togami who's howto I modified. 


Chris Dew (IT Dept. Mole Valley Farmers Ltd.)

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