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Re: Problem editing Kde menu

Raúl Moratalla wrote:

> Hi everybody!
> I have installed Fedora Core 2 and when I edit the elements (insert or
> delete one) of kmenu and I save the changes I don't see any
> modification, but if I change the icon of an element and save it I can
> see the changes ???
> Anyone knows how to solve this? I have installed again redhat-menus
> package, but the problem still persist.

Did you retain your KDE settings when you installed Fedora Core 2?

I had this problem, and I assumed it was my existing KDE settings. But I
simply couldn't find which settings in the .kde directory were causing the

Eventually I discovered that the settings aren't kept in .kde - later
versions of KDE conform to the freedesktop.org specification. I can't
remember exactly what I did - the directory in question is either .local or
Check for these two directories. One of them will have an XML file defining
the kmenu. Delete this (from outside KDE) and next time you log in, your
menus will be reset to the default Fedora menus. kmenuedit will then
function correctly.


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