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Re: Disabling LVM check/startup on FC2

Chris Kloiber wrote:

On Mon, 2004-05-24 at 01:30, Optimized wrote:


My FC2 system is installed on linux raid volume but I have no use for

I would like to disable the lvm check on system startup since it always
fails, how should I proceed in order to make it clean?

Do a clean FC2 install, and the error never happens, else get all your updates since FC2's release, and it should also go away.

I didn't do a clean install, but I do have all the updates ... no love regarding this issue. Frankly I don't see how a clean install or having updates helps the problem. The only way I see this issue going away is if the package lvm2-2.00.15-2 is NOT installed if it isn't being used. To that end I tried to remove it:

ganci mcduff> rpm --erase lvm2
error: Failed dependencies:
       lvm2 is needed by (installed) mkinitrd-3.5.22-1

Since I need mkinitrd because I make my own kernels I am stuck. This problem is not a serious one ... just annoying.

Paul (ganci nurdog com)

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