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Re: K3b cannot burn a CD

On 05/24/2004 10:21 AM, Austin Isler wrote:

If that happens try making sure you dont have programs like KsCD running
in the background. With KsCD, it usually docks in kicker when you X it
out and not choose Quit. Sometimes you won't realize its still there.

Interesting. So that little CD icon down there is kscd, I never noticed it before! (I am more familiar with gnome, still learning kde.)

The question is, how do I keep kscd from starting itself up automatically?



On Mon, 2004-05-24 at 06:33, Matt Morgan wrote:

On 05/22/2004 12:24 PM, ByteEnable wrote:


I have tried k3b on two different machines with two different CD writers. K3b is unable to burn a CD correctly.

On one machine it can never finish writing the pre track burn, but complains of buffer problem when it hasn't actually used the buffer yet.

Other machine, k3b burns at speeds greater than I have specified, resulting in burn errors. The drive is only rated at 2X burn, but k3b is burning at 4X even when I have specified to burn at 2X!

Has anybody had any success with k3b on Fedora 2?



I'm not on FC2 yet, sorry, but on FC1 I have an issue with burning under k3b (under anything, actually) because kscd grabs the burner when I log in and cdrecord can't lock it. Unless you're sure this isn't your problem, try

ps ax | grep cd

and see if you get a response like

12736 ? S 0:06 /usr/bin/autorun -l --interval=1000 --cdplayer=/usr/bin/kscd

If you do, then

kill 12736

and try to burn with k3b again. Sorry if this is fixed under FC2, I lost track of the list for a little while.


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