cryptplug from for FC2?

Roland Wolters wolters.liste at
Mon May 24 15:29:39 UTC 2004

Once upon a time Alexander Dalloz wrote:
> Am Mo, den 24.05.2004 schrieb Roland Wolters um 01:12:
> > You are right, sure, I've read it, but you can found something similar at
> >, and dag has a similar philosophie, too, I think.
> > I was confused cause some people talk about as a third party
> > repo, and some people talk about as a extra, but official repo.
> That should answer your questions. Not that hard to find ;)

Sorry, it s long time ago I had my last look at this site, and this look was 
not good enough, I think.
But it is confusing, too, taht they speak about themselves as a third Party 
Project ;-)
But I think I got it all now.

Thx, Roland

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