Adding network driver to fedora core 2 release

Michael Scott mas-scott at
Mon May 24 11:14:28 UTC 2004

I found that I received the same "/etc/security/selinux/file_contexts: No such file or directory" message with the ntfs package but it installed properly anyway. I guess it is simply an informational message.

My network package source installs but still does not build. The make file complains about rules for bcm4400.o. I looked at the broadcom driver zip. It is old and does not mention fedora at all. I filled out a driver support request with broadcom. 

If anyone has been succesfull with this driver please let me know. Otherwise I will post the reply from Broadcom.

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  I upgraded my laptop (Dell Inspiron 8600) from redhat 9 (2.4.20-24.9) to the fedora core 2 release using default options. My network driver was not seen so I verified that I had the latest version and tried to install it:

  rpm -ivh bcm4400-3.0.7-1.src.rpm

  I got the following message:
  /etc/security/selinux/file_contexts: No such file or directory
    1:bcm4400       ########################## [100%]

  /etc/security/selinux does not exist on my system. I tried ls -alZ /etc/security and received the message:
  Sorry, this option can only be used on a SELinux kernel.

  I have not worked with selinux but it appears as though selinux is not enabled by default but the package manager may think it should be.

  Any ideas?




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