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Re: IMAP Version

Aaron Gaudio wrote:

Behold, William Hooper <whooperhsd3 earthlink net> hath decreed:

Aaron Gaudio said:

Any reason to prefer it over dovecot?

Dunno. It was the first imapd implementation I found when I was
looking (I wouldn't know to look for a package called dovecot
for an imap daemon ;). I'll look into it sometime when I get a

Yeah, it's not like it is in the release notes or anything

"imap — Replaced by dovecot"

Well, smarty, in fact when I upgraded, apt removed imapd and replaced it with cyrus-imapd. After determining that cyrus was not what I wanted, I simply rebuilt and reinstalled the package I was familiar with.

Just as a "me too" here, I installed dovecot, but when I was combin' google for a howto, I couldn't find one that explained much. The documentation on their website seems, sparse to say the least. All the same, I uninstalled it and installed the imapd package. It was much simpler after playing guessing games with dovecot.

The config file is well commented, but not matter how I spelled out the path for mail boxes it always wanted to use /var/mail as opposed to /var/spool/mail/ which seems more logical in general.


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