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Re: Using Spam Assassin

Am Mo, den 24.05.2004 schrieb Mario Casamalhuapa um 19:53:

> I want to allow one web address to my email server which is called
> foo.com and I want to block all other emails, because this email server
> only receives email from this foo.com email server.

What does this has to do with SpamAssassin, you mentions in your topic?

> Does any one know the wildcards for blocking all other emails. I use
> *.* and ALL and they do not work, can any one suggest how I can do this
> with SPAM ASSASIN and if you have any others idea.... All I am trying to
> do is make this email server communicate with our main email server and
> make my email server a servers just send emais within the network. 

Not saying which MTA software you use makes it hard to suggest the
recommended setup. Very certain using SA for this is not the best way.

> Mario Casamalhuapa

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