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(?) gnome-session-properties missing from menu in FC2

Please forgive me if this is a RTFM question, but I HAVE read the docs and it I haven't been able to find this one. I did a fresh install of FC2 ( on a Compaq Evo N800v laptop) using the basic 'Workstation' setup. The only exception is that I did not install OpenOffice.org and installed StarOffice 7 afterwards. I use Gnome for my windowed environment.

When I was attempting to add ssh-add to the session startup I could not find the GUI entry for gnome-session-properties. I click on the 'Red Hat', then 'Preferences', but the applications displayed there don't include anything that lets me change the session properties.

I can run gnome-session-properties via 'Run Application', but that is kind of a kludge. A user less knowledgeable about Gnome would have been pretty frustrated. Has anybody else seen this?
Jay Leafey - University of Tennessee
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