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IPv6 and pppd

Hello all!

	Can anyone explain why pppd is being compiled with IPv6 support

	This is a problem I've entered into Bugzilla, where it has languished
forever, and for which I posted a message on the RedHat-List back early
in January of last year.  It still existed in FC1 and now, much to my
disgust, it still exists in FC2, where IPv6 even is enabled by default.
There's IPv6 support in the /etc/ppp scripts and everything.  But it
isn't compiled into the daemon.

	It does look like someone may have attempted at one point.

	The ppp-2.4.2-make.patch looks like this:

@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@
 # Enable plugins

	Isn't that precious.  Remove the commented line and then put it
back, still commented.  The old ppp-2.4.1-make.patch from earlier versions
didn't do that, it just left it alone.  So an attempt was made but it's
still disabled and still has to be rebuilt to reeanble it.  All you have
to do is change that one line to this:


	Then rebuild and reinstall.  But why?  If it's that simple to
fix and it looks like someone tired it, why is it still disabled?  Has
anyone seen anything that it breaks?

	The only comments in the bugzilla bug report are to the effect of
asking if there has been any progress on this and if it's still open.
Some people have contacted me directly asking if I ever had resolution.

	Anyone care to comment?

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