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Re: BIND issues with rndc

Am Mo, den 24.05.2004 schrieb James Marcinek um 21:08:

> I recently upgraded my name server (running Red Hat) which upgraded
> versions of BIND. The Red Hat has a GUI tool (redhat-config-named), which
> I don't use; however it complicates things a bit as I now have to put my
> definitions in a file called named.custom. The problem I'm having is when
> I now start the service (or stop it) I get the following error:

> I already had an /etc/rndc.key file; however I wasn't sure if it was no
> longer valid. I tried the following:

> James

You did upgrade from what to what? Due to cross-posting your message to
several lists it is hard to guess.

Are you using bind-chroot or the "normal" not chrooted bind?


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