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Re: FC2 - Another Newbie Question

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Where can one find a comprehensive list of the various utilities that are available to examine/change/configure/add/delete various aspects of Fedora? Such as the 'switch desk' utility someone just mentioned ....

Such info should be in a Linux/Fedora Newcomers FAQ so that we do not have to bother people with these basics.

Regretfully, this is a very basic question that in my mind must be answered if neophytes like me are ever to make a 100 per cent conversion to Linux.


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I would have to say http://www.google.com is the most comprehensive list you
could ever hope to find =)

Comprehensive is an understatement with google. Irrelevant applies to the great majority of the responses however and it requires very creative word list in the advanced searches to narrow the responses down to a relevent and usable number.

I believe "Comprehensive, Relevant, and Current for each distro" is what is needed here and AFAIK there is none at present.

I second the request for a comprehensive list. I am an experienced user, with many years of using the RedHat/Fedora distribution, but I probably do not know even half of all the tools avialable. I would expect this is the same with most users, although the list of tools known will vary with needs, usage, and experience.

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