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Re: To be or not be?

Scot L. Harris wrote:

On Mon, 2004-05-24 at 05:01, Peter Cannon wrote:

Hi Scott

Thanks for the reply I'm a bit busy at the momemnt but will speak/email you later today I would like to stay in touch as we both have the same machines.

P.S. I upgraded my Dell


Peter Cannon

Not a problem. I did get my wireless card working finally. Posted
another message with the details on that.

I still don't like the way the system tools handle the card. Actually
they don't really handle it. If you go into the configuration tool it
lists the card as a xircom which is incorrect.

The funniest thing is I do have a xircom card which I had figured would
cause me all kinds of grief when I plug that in and take the wireless
card out. Surprisingly when I did that the card worked (ethernet
portion, have not tried the modem yet). Will find out tonight if the
wireless card will still work. They both end up with the same name

I would have expected this to be handled differently, a separate
interface defined for each. (eth0, eth1)

Good luck with your laptop.

You will have 2 interface names, IF both cards are plugged in at the same time.

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