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Re: Using Spam Assassin

On Mon, 2004-05-24 at 13:53, Mario Casamalhuapa wrote:
> I want to allow one web address to my email server which is called
> foo.com and I want to block all other emails, because this email server
> only receives email from this foo.com email server.
> Does any one know the wildcards for blocking all other emails. I use
> *.* and ALL and they do not work, can any one suggest how I can do this
> with SPAM ASSASIN and if you have any others idea.... All I am trying to
> do is make this email server communicate with our main email server and
> make my email server a servers just send emais within the network. 

I think what you want to do is look at the access file for sendmail.  In
that file you can specify who can talk to your server.  Of course if you
are using a different MTA than sendmail you will have to find a similar
method with those.

Spamassassin would not be a good way to do this.  But I suppose you
could whitelist the machine you want to receive email from and use a
wild card to black list all others.  But all this would do would mark
all other incoming email as spam.  You would then need to use procmail
or some such to actually drop those into the bit bucket.

Scot L. Harris <webid cfl rr com>

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