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Re: Any good way to prevent unwanted locale entries?

Behold, Chris Kloiber <ckloiber ckloiber com> hath decreed:
> On Mon, 2004-05-24 at 22:56, Aaron Gaudio wrote:
> > I'm on a space-constrained work box and notice that hundreds of megs
> > of locale data get installed for various packages for languages I don't
> > need to support here. Is there some convenient way to tell rpm to only
> > install locale files for specific locales that I *am* interested in?
> Sounds to me like you have done an "Everything" class install. Don't do
> that. Select all the individual package groups you want, but don't
> select "Everything". Sure you won't get several applications that aren't
> in any group, but you won't get a Gig of stuff you can't read either.

Locale files are installed with the individual packages, so this is
not a viable solution. There are plenty of packages that I want or
need installed, but I can't think of one for which I need the
Croation translations, etc. Most packages' locale files are relatively
small, but they add up.


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