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RE: Dovecot and Evolution

On Mon, May 24, 2004 at 11:28:37PM -0400, Don Levey wrote:
> I managed to upgrade my mail server from RH9 to FC2 by the seat of my 
> pants (involving, amongst other things, a hung boot process in RH9 
> that just made me decide to go ahead and do it on the main drive, but
> that's another long story).   
> ...which I set specifically because I do use Evolution (at home). 
>  However, Evolution seems to hang when connecting, and this seems to 
> hang the server for any other instance of this userID logging in 
> and/or sending mail.  Restarting dovecot and sendmail don't fix this 
> problem - any suggestions on where to start?

Don -

I have just set up dovecot with postfix and done some very light testing,
including evolution, and it seems to be working okay for me. I made only
minimal changes from the default config. One thing I noticed is that in the
course of modifying "auth_mechanisms" I left a space at the end of the line
- dovecot was not happy at all. Make sure that none of the options that
allow space separated lists have a trailing space.


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