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Re: XFree86 gone from Fedora Core? WHY!?

Peter Boy wrote:
Am So, den 23.05.2004 schrieb Brian Hartman um 22:56:

~ My main gripe is that nvidia support seems to have vanished.

I don't think so. nvidia cards are supported by the free (xorg) nv
driver, just as in XF86 before. The driver will get installed by
anaconda it it detects a nvidia adapter. Works fine here with x86_64.

The nv driver is not a DRM driver. Does nVidia still have drivers available from their website?

The free driver is missing some (or better: a lot of) features which are
supported by the binary-only nvidia driver. This driver currently
doesn't work in core 2 due to a kernel issue (4gb problem, i386 only),
not due to a xorg problem. For details you should search the archiv.

Last time I looked (~1 year ago) nVidia made their driver open source. You could even compiled it yourself on your computer. Their license probably restricts redistribution.


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