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Re: MS Access alternative. - compiled BASIC w/db libs avail?

Just had to jump on this thread. I've looked high and low for something to replace Access myself and never found anything detailed enough in open source to compete. I think as well, most anything that tries to emulate Access will come out heavy and bloated as Access is (but benefit from better data engine). Makes one want to make web based apps instead.

What I would find nice however, and I haven't seen it in years. But the Universe database (now held by IBM I believe) was packaged with a BASIC lang, and compiler. You could make really quick code (especially if you built up libraries) and train someone off the street since it was Basic. Nice thin apps, great for dumb terminals, and a 1st class DB in the backend.

Is there any Open source compiled basic with db libs? Then, assuming you don't have to have graphics, you get the ease of BASIC like VB/VBA, a thin client for terminals/term software, without the Access bloat.

Lamar Owen wrote:

On Monday 24 May 2004 13:07, Francisco Ramiro Pereira wrote:

I'm looking for something that works like Access, a rapid application
developper + data base working together...

Rekall. Works with PostgreSQL and MySQL, programmable in Python. You need something else to set up the design, like tora, but Rekall can do everything else. The source distribution is GPL'd, but you can get a commercial version if you'd like (similar to the MySQL license). www.rekallrevealed.org

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