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Re: FC2 - Another Newbie Question

On Mon, 2004-05-24 at 14:41, Betti Ann & Preston Smith wrote:
> Where can one find a comprehensive list of the various utilities that are 
> available to examine/change/configure/add/delete various aspects of 
> Fedora?  Such as the 'switch desk' utility someone just mentioned ....
> Such info should be in a Linux/Fedora Newcomers FAQ so that we do not have 
> to bother people with these basics.

Good suggestion.  Until someone creates a Newcomers FAQ, post your
questions here and explore what you read in the list.  

> Regretfully, this is a very basic question that in my mind must be answered 
> if neophytes like me are ever to make a 100 per cent conversion to Linux.
Hopefully much of what you get with a basic install of Fedora will meet
the basic needs.  However, one of the great things about linux is the
number of choices.  But that can also be a pain.  

I would suggest that you look for a local user group, but the only group
I can find is in Halifax and I'm guessing that you don't live anywhere
near Halifax.  

If you plan on experimenting I would suggest using Mondo to back up your
system first.  That way if you do something dumb you can easily revert
to a working configuration.


Clifford Snow

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