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Re: Screen resolution preference problem (FC1)

On Sun, 23 May 2004 11:11:32 -0700, David Masterson wrote
> I have a dual CPU AMD Athlon system that I just installed FC1 on 
> (from scratch).  I also have a ASUS V7100 display board (NVidia 
> chipset) and I've upgraded to the latest NVidia driver (as well as 
> changed "nv" to "nvidia" in XF86Config).  So far, things seem to be 
> working except for adjusting the resolution properly.  On one 
> account on my system, I set a lower screen resolution (to make 
> things larger) of 1024x768.  When I logged out of that account, the 
> screen resolution failed to reset to the default and, thus, some of 
> the login screen was off the display.  At least, I think the default 
> resolution is 1280x1024 (how do I check that that is the *default*?)
> .  I think the problem is that the X server failed to reset properly 
> when I logged out (I should see the NVidia logo when it does reset). 
>  This worked for me under RH8 on the same system 
> (although I think the NVidia driver is newer).
>     * How do I verify the installation of the NVidia driver?
>     * How do I check if the X server is being reset properly?
>     * Any other pointers?
> David Masterson

You need to edit you XF86Config file so that it will default to the first
screen resolution entry. (You will find it in the Screen section)

	SubSection "Display"
		Depth     24
		Modes    "1280x1024" "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"

So in the line above (Modes), change it so that "1024x768" is the default
instead of "1280x1024". This way it will default to the correct screen
settings when you reboot.

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