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Re: FC2 doesn't see my sound card

Øyvind Stegard wrote:

Hmm, think about it: 'lspci' lists stuff connected to the _PCI_ bus, NOT
the ISA bus.

Exactly. Which is why I pointed out that 'lspci' doesn't list my soundcard, so nobody would toss me a reply like 'please post the output from lspci'.

Thanks for the tips; I'll have a look into those, but I have a few more questions first:

- I don't see any '/etc/init.d/alsa*', or in fact anything in /etc/init.d which mentions sound. What part of the startup process is supposed to start the sound layer?

- My modprobe.conf doesn't contain an 'include /etc/modprobe.conf.dist' line; that wasn't put in the file during the OS installation. Is it supposed to contain this line, does it need it? And I assume the differentiation between the two files is so I can modify modprobe.conf for my specific settings without having to touch the distribution settings?

- What happens if I decide to compile ALSA and my soundcard drivers into the kernel, instead of loading them as modules? How do I specify the options settings (irq, dma, etc.) when it's not a module?

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