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Re[2]: Core2 - x86-64 install errors

Well, the crash with anaconda is still there..
but i'd installed fc2 x86_64 in text mode, and the
problem wasn't there..!!

also, if i install in graph mode, and just leave the default settings
as they are, the install works, but as soon if i do it differend, the
crash comes back...

but like i said, text mode install worked, so i got fc2 up and running
quite nice...

thx annyway,
Collen Blijenberg   (Montessori Lyceum Herman Jordan)

Monday, May 24, 2004, 8:08:11 PM, you wrote:

PB> Am Mo, den 24.05.2004 schrieb Collen Blijenberg  um 09:05:
>> I'm trying to install the core2 version for my
>> amd-64 processor. but the installer/anacon keeps on
>> crashing...!!
>> most of the times it happens, after i'm finished with the package
>> selection...
>> it will not format my partitions, and gives errors, saying that he
>> can't find the selected package's...

PB> Very strange. Did you test the memory (with memtest)? Perhaps you should
PB> download Knoppix (www.knoppix.net) which is a live Linux. You may test,
PB> if it boots and if you can access you harddisk, partition and format it.

PB> Peter

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