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Re: FC2 Bootable Disk

On Tue, 25 May 2004 14:26:55 +0200
Alexander Dalloz <alexander dalloz uni-bielefeld de> wrote:

> Am Di, den 25.05.2004 schrieb Younis, Mohanad K. um 10:17:
> > I have already successfully installed FC1 before six month ago on my laptop. Actually I need 
> > to upgrade my release to FC2 but unfortuanatly I don't have a bootable CD-DRIVE "i.e system 
> > can't see the CD-ROM Drive while booting", and my laptop also doesn't support the booting 
> > from an USB drive. The only way i have is to boot using a floppy BUT also it seems that FC2 
> > remove the option of make a boot from floppy drive....PLEASE HELP 
> > Mohanad K. Younis 
> You know that the install method from a harddrive partition was
> explained here already several times? Please search the list archive.


I've tried four or five quick searches and didn't get anything back 
related to this issue.    What search terms would you suggest to find 
helpful information about this problem in the archives? 

Other solutions in the archives about using a floppy disk that has a 
bootmanager that knows how to chainboot the cdrom on older 
hardware and another about using freedos with a cdrom driver didn't
show up under any searches either.


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