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Re: tyan s2460

On Tue, 2004-05-25 at 06:03, Wolfgang wrote:

> > 
> I'm running a Tyan S2466N-4M (Tiger MPX) and all worked OK in installing
> Fedora. I have just two questions ... Have you connected ALL the power
> connectors to the Mother board?? (Yes I also mean the 4 pin one as well)
> And is the PSU at least 350Watts + As they need to be all connected when
> 2 CPU's are installed. (It's just a thought, since the board(s) I use, I
> have installed RH8.0, RH9, Fedora and RHEL3 WS without problems. And I
> mainly run Nvidia Video Cards in these systems.)

Yes, the 2466 is the MB I switched to after spending
months struggling with the 2460 (incidently, the 2460 was *always*
worse in the summer than the winter).  In particular, the 2460
lacks the separate power feed pins that the 2466 has.

I have had *no* problems with the 2466, either.

Steve Wampler -- swampler noao edu
The gods that smiled on your birth are now laughing out loud.

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