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Re: Sounds for events

Am Di, den 25.05.2004 schrieb Chiheb Djabri um 04:19:

> I enabled th case Sound for events but nothings is happened there<s
> still no sound...but in sound card detection menu I did the sound test
> and my card seems to work...I even tried to play sound events .Wav file
> and nothin is happening. What to do please???

Did you install the update package fixing Gnome sound events?

Subject: Fedora Core 2 Update: libgnome-2.6.0-3

Update Information:

This updated libgnome package allows GNOME sound events to work in FC2.
* Sat May 15 2004 Colin Walters <walters redhat com> 2.6.0-3
- Apply another patch which fixes GNOME sound events, which
  due to what appears to be a glib bug, were broken by my
  previous patch.


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