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Re: Core 2: rndc failure to communicate

Am Mo, den 24.05.2004 schrieb Jan Houtsma um 23:19:

> >So your bind no longer runs chrooted?
> >--> ps axuwww | grep named

> root:/var/log> ps axuwww | grep named
> named     2116  0.0  2.0 38640 4024 ?        S    May22   0:00 
> /usr/sbin/named -u named

As I expected you made it running non chrooted. The chroot directory is
set in /etc/sysconfig/named.

> >Can you post your /etc/sysconfig/named configuration file as well the
> >/var/named/chroot/etc/named.conf file - without the zone file entries?
> >Do you have the /var/named/chroot/etc/rndc.key file? How did you
> >configure your bind?

> Oh shoot. I get it now i think! I had to put named.conf and rdnc.key 
> files under the chroot directory???? I still had them under the /etc hiearchy. That explains 
> it! And now it works!

Yes, if you want to run bind chrooted all the config, zone, log and
other needed files have to be inside the chroot directory, because the
chrooted bind can not see anything outside.

> jan


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