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Re: Problem with mounted SMB drive

Phil Schaffner wrote:
On Tue, 2004-05-25 at 10:02, Steve Brown wrote:
I have been mounting a shared Windows (2000 Professional) drive on my
desktop computer onto my notebook computer running Fedora Core as

 mount -t smbfs // ny

This is pretty straightforward.  The shared drive named C is mounted
to a directory named 'ny'.  After entering this command, I enter my
password at the prompt.  This worked great for a long time, but
suddenly, I've been having problems.  The first thing I usually do
after mounting the drive is enter 'ls ny' to verify that the drive is
mounted properly.  But lately, when I do this, nothing happens.  I
leave it sitting a while, but still nothing happens.  If I close the
terminal window, open a new window and try to unmount 'ny', I get a
message telling me that the device is busy.  Actually, this message
appears twice.  If I close the terminal window and mount a drive on a
different computer to a directory named 'nj', it works fine.  I
unmount it, then try to mount the first computer to 'nj' but it still
doesn't work.

Something must be wrong with the first computer, but what?  When I use
that computer directly, however, there seems to be nothing wrong with
it.  It seems like something needs to be reset, but what?

Any assistance is appreciated.

Not much help, but looks a lot like


Thank.  Through trial and error, it's working, for now.  I attached some comments to bug 123895.

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