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Re: FC2 & Nvidia

Peter L. Hurd wrote:
Hey Jim,

Jim Radford

I have an Nvidia card and am wishing to do a complete wipe and
reinstall (from FC1 to FC2). What issues are there with the Nvidia
drivers and how do I overcome them?

I upgraded 3 Nvidia equipped boxes from FC1 to FC2 and had no problem. I just followed the usual kernel upgrading procedure.
But now, I've spent all day to day trying to get the Nvidia drivers to
run (they'll load - at least there are no errors or warnings in
Xorg.0.log - but I get an unresponsive grey screen) on a machine I
upgraded from RH9 to FC2.  I'm about ready to pitch the damn thing out
the window...

I upgraded Nvidia from FC1 to FC2 with no problems. However, when I switch RH8 or RH9 to FC1, I performed a clean installed. Yeah my idea stinks but I feel RH9 to FC2 is a major jump. It is hard to catch all the upgrade issues. FC1 to FC2 appears to be a smaller jump. Try the clean install first before the pitching action.

Greg Morgan

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