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Re: FC2 - Another Newbie Question

On Tue, 2004-05-25 at 14:02, James Dishaw wrote:
> Betti Ann & Preston Smith wrote:
> Where can one find a comprehensive list of the various utilities that
> are available to examine/change/configure/add/delete various aspects of
> Fedora? Such as the 'switch desk' utility someone just mentioned ....
> ===========================

One problem is that the command names keep changing.  There are some
very good standards for the names of basic Unix utilities thanks to

Not only do the commands vary between distributions, but also between
different versions of the same distro.

RedHat 5.x had control-panel and Glint.

RedHat 6.x added linuxconf and Gnome-RPM

By RedHat 8 it was moved to the redhat-config-* syntax

And with Fedora it changed again.

Switch to another distro, and you have Yast or webmin or....
Makes our linux skills less than portable if you rely on the GUI tools.

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