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Re: feedback to NVidia [was: Nvidia Drivers]

BTW, I did E-mail the linux-bug nvidia com address that was posted and I got the following response. Just an FYI.

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From: Andy Ritger <aritger nvidia com>
Subject: Re: Status of NVIDIA drivers.

Greetings, Greg.  Thank you for your email.

We are aware of the poor interaction between our driver and the
4kstack limitation in Fedora Core 2, and hope to release a new
driver soon.  I do not have an ETA at this point, though.

Please note that you can work around this problem by running a
kernel without the 4kstack patch.  Is there a reason you need the
4kstack patch?

I apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.
- Andy Ritger

PS - at this time, we have no plans to open source our driver.
However, we are always looking for more engineers to join our
Linux team.  If you or anyone you know might be interested, please
send me a resume.

Greg Gulik                                 http://www.gulik.org/greg/
greg @ gulik.org

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