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FC2 with Intel SRCU32 driver works but storcon and srcd hang with 100% cpu


Recently done a fresh install to upgrade our server from RH7.2 to FC2, previously it had Adaptec29160 using md raid, now it has Intel SRCU32 giving it hardware raid.

Set up the array from the "bios" version of storcon and Fedora is quite happy, the gdth module loads, sees the host disks (sda=2x18GB raid1, sdb=4x18GB raid5) access to the drives is fine, /proc/scsi/gdth/0 gives good information and hot plug rebuilding of drives works great.

Now the bad bit ...

I can't run the linux version of storcon on the server, and cannot use the srcd daemon to allow the windows versions of storcon to work remotely (I did disable firewall to allow TCP connects)

Whenever I try to do either of the above the storcon or srcd process takes 100% cpu and never starts up properly.

I've not tried to recompile the gdth module from Intel sources, not sure if that would help or might miss out any Fedora patches, I was wondering if the 4G/4G memory model, or the 4K stacks might be a problem, considering that both storcon and srcd are supplied binary only, but they are userland rather than kernel utilities.

Anyone with a similar setup got any more or less joy than I have?

I'm already using latest available versions of everything I can think of as follows ...

FC2 with patches from up2date
raid firmware version is 2.34.09.R05C
redhat linux storcon version is 2.12
win2k storcon (command line) version is 2.02
win2k storconplus version is 3.0
Motherboard is an ABit BG7 with version "ed" bios update
cpu 2.0A GHz P4
768MB PC2100 memory (minus 8MB for shared video)
8x DVD+/-R+/-RW drive as only IDE device.

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