Pb with netgear WG511

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Tue May 25 20:20:18 UTC 2004

Bonjour Noel ou Pierre :)

Ok, I bet you bought this card in the pack made by netgear by the router
and get the pcmcia free :D 

I cannot help you much today, as I also ordered this pack from
Rueducommerce.com and will receive it thursday, then until Thursday I
will not be able to help you much :(

I also bought it as several persons reported it to be working fine under
linux but limited to 58Mb...

But concerning, the card, if you plug it before to start the computer
and then start with it, it should be recognized by the computer
automatically. My Pcmcia cards are recognized at boot.

Did you already use another pcmcia card on this computer??

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