Rude posts.

Mike McMullen mlm at
Tue May 25 23:53:06 UTC 2004

Amen and thanks for sending that! This list is indeed
very self-righteous and religious. Your point regarding
the archives is right on. They are almost worthless
for finding serious resolutions to problems.

I couldn't help seeing your signature. My family lives in
Leicester and Asheville. I used to live in South Hominy
Valley off of Glady Fork Rd.

I was wondering if you know my old college mentor 
(UNC-Asheville) - Joe Daugherty? He's in computer

 Again, well said on your post.


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Subject: Rude posts.

> Ok, you know, it's a good thing to recommend people searching the archives.  
> But when half a dozen people jump down some poor chap's throat because he 
> asks a simple question (and hasn't searched the archives), things are getting 
> out of hand.  So can everybody just chill a little?
> My questions to the list admin would be, is the welcome message that gets sent 
> out to every new subscriber a.) being sent and b.) telling people to search 
> the archives before asking a question?
> And those who recommend searching the archives, try searching them yourselves 
> on the topic before spouting off.  You might be surprised at the overwhelming 
> volume.  In particular, over three-quarters of the searches on 'MySQL' point 
> to messages that say 'Search the archives!'  So your self-righteous net.cop 
> posting has just cheapened the value of your sacred archives.  Why not be a 
> little patient, or actually answer the question in a patient manner, with a 
> gentle pointer to 'you know, the list has archives, which are available at 
>, and might have answers to other 
> questions you may have.'  If you can't exercise that sort of patience, you 
> should just cancel your nastygram and go to the next message and save the 
> rest of us on the list you noisey-quette posting.  You certainly don't need 
> to be posting anything with that attitude.
> This list has a bad enough s/n ratio without self-appointed net.cops.
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