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Re: OT: network problem (speed) *FIXED*

thanks for the suggestions guys.. have managed to fix the problem by replacing the NIC with a spare...

I still don't know *why* is suddenly starting running slowly (or thinking it was only 10mb) but I remembered that before I'd moved the machine to the other room I'd also done an dist-upgrade.. and there was a new kernel.. i tried booting back to the old kernel but that didn't fix things.. so not sure whether even that was a problem..

anyways.. its now got a 8139 based card in there and all is well again...

seeing as this is the backend server for my mythtv system.. was getting antsy cos I couldn't watch TV.. lol

thanks again guys.. and I hope your suggestions point others in the right direction for finding out possible problems..



Craig Tinson

8010 Media Ltd

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