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Re: feedback to NVidia [was: Nvidia Drivers]

Frank Tanner III wrote:
--- Rui Miguel Seabra <rms 1407 org> wrote:

On Tue, 2004-05-25 at 16:37 -0700, Frank Tanner III

You have your beliefs and I have mine. And mine


that people deserve to try to make a living off of
their code, hardware, service they provide.

Do not invert roles here, mister.

choice.  Me?  I will use their cards, and their
drivers, because I like their products.

Do you like MACROVISION? I hope you do, because you get it, wether you like it or not.


I guess that's the difference between you and I.  I
don't attempt to pirate video using my NVidia card, so
Macrovision protection doesn't matter to me.

What about legitimate uses such as backing up videos (DVD or VCD) that you bought? No piracy involved there.

I think that Rui's point about Macrovision leads to another one: Macrovision is only one small step. Hardware vendors are under increasing pressure by studios to impose Digital Rights Management upon consumers, and with closed-source drivers there is no stopping them. Consider a video driver that only allows a DVD to play 10 times before it's "life" expires. Or only allowing videos that are digitally signed to play. How do you edit your home movies then? Want to play your favourite game on your big wall projector? No such luck, you're only licenced to play this game on a DRM-enabled 17" CRT. Of course that's just the tip of the iceberg.

This stuff is scary, and it's starting to happen now. Stupid legislation such as the DMCA and software patents must be abolished or this madness will just get worse.

Having said that, I still use the proprietary driver, because Celestia and my games do not work with the opensource 'nv' driver, nor does my second monitor. 'nv' just isn't an option for anything other than the most basic applications.


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