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Re: feedback to NVidia [was: Nvidia Drivers]

On Tue, 25 May 2004 17:55:26 -0700 (PDT)
Frank Tanner III <pctech mybellybutton com> wrote:

> And I do, and will disagree.  Just because you would
> like to see them Open Source doesn't mean that they
> HAVE to be Open Source.  Believe it or not, you're
> going to see ALOT more binary only things for Linux as
> time goes on and it gets more and more accepted by the
> "mainstream" software development houses.

What people are saying is it would be healthy for Linux
if more people realized why they have a vibrant healthy
alternative to MSWin in the first place.    It's because of 
open source.    

Thank goodness that those people who bestowed freedom 
onto Linux, by their commitment to open source, didn't 
exclude you just because you don't share their vision.    
But a little humility and thankfulness wouldn't hurt.   You are 
using an open source operating system after all, obviously 
you must see some benefit and enjoy the result of open 
source or you'd still be only using MSWin.

It seems a little rich for proprietary zealots to come swooping
in after open source creates Linux and start telling people
the way it's going to be.

> Prime example.  TRY to find a non-binary only version
> of Macromedia Cold Fusion for Linux.  You won't. 
> Personally, I think CF sucks as a web development
> platform.  Others disagree. Another example.  Try to
> find a non-binary only release of Lotus Domino/Notes
> Server for Linux.  You won't.

And if there were viable open source alternatives 
(which over the long term seems likely) these closed 
source examples you cite won't be able to compete.

> Everyone that thinks that everything that runs on
> Linux HAS to be Open Source is in for a very rude
> awakening and a miserable existance if they don't get
> over it.

Perhaps.   But a more hopeful future will include
even more open source with the associated freedoms.
Short term, you're probably correct because people have
a hard time letting go what they already know, also the
closed source world has a long head start.    But over
the long haul the power of open source may just win
the hearts and minds of people, I for one think that'd
be a good thing.


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