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Re: FC 2: Hotplug service works only once?

Hi Andy,

yes You are right.
It was "no Files".

Thank You.
OK I found where I can tell your Script not to move the files.
I made the script to copy the files in one directory(not every time in a other) and to overwrite the files in that directory automatically.
What I didn't find is where to tell the script not to search for the "dcim" directory.
Can you tell me where I can find that?
The only thing I'm missing is the progress bar for copying.
I am logged in, in KDE and I have konqueror installed and running but nothing happens(before and after my changes to the script).
Do you know what I have to do to get the progress bar working?

Thank You

Dalibor Malek

Andy Green wrote:

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On Tuesday 25 May 2004 20:23, Dalibor Malek wrote:

Hi Andy,

thank you very much.
That was it. With the new kernel I have no problems anymore.

Excellent :-)

When I attach the stick I even hear a sound something like "copying files".

Did I something wrong or is it just not possible?

There are only two sounds, "Transfer Complete" and "No Files", I think you're getting "No files".

The reason is that camera storage devices have a standard layout with the images in a subdirectory of a main directory of a fixed name ("dcim"). The script uses this knowledge to find the pictures (in fact, it finds all pictiures in any subdir of /dcim, for example, /dcim/mypics/*). So this is why it is failing in your case, your memory stick directory structure is not that of a camera.

If you move your files to all be inside a /dcim/dummy/ folder on your device, it should work - but I'm not sure it will retain any folder structure below that, since that is not what is found in a camera.

- -Andy

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