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Re: How to use NVIDIA Official driver on Fedora

On Wed, 26 May 2004 13:38:00 +0100
Frederic Soulier <frederic wallaby uklinux net> wrote:

> Well I guess it makes a lot of business sense to cross-license, buy a
> license for something you don't have, etc... instead of developing
> everything from scratch.

We're talking about priorities.   When you reward companies that
do things that aren't in the best interests of the future of Linux
you're not helping Linux.

> Ok so it's recommended because:
>   a) It's cheap
>   b) It's supported by Open Source drivers
> I agree b) is important.
> But what about a card recommended because:
>   a) it's top of the range
>   b) loads of features fully supported
>   c) 3D drivers on par or better than windows counterparts

If you sell out the hope of long term gains for some immediate benefit 
you haven't really won anything and the above benefits will evaporate 
very quickly.

Would you buy products from a company who used slave-labor-class
workers in remote parts of the world just because they had a cooler 
logo or a more padded sole?   Sometimes the best decision isn't the
easiest one.


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