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RE: terminal command line weirdness

>What sort of terminal are you using? If it's a program, what is the
>name of the program? This sounds like a traditional terminfo problem.

I'm just opening a terminal window in Gnome, and keying in standard console
commands. Nothing fancy.

The default windows size is 80x24. Key in a bunch of commands (ll will do)
to fill up the empty screen. Then key in a long command that wraps back
around to the start of the same line, BUT DON'T HIT ENTER. Now resize the
window a bit smaller, then a bit larger using your mouse, and watch the line
crawl up the window. That's just one of the crazy symptoms.

Long commands become a real headache when you retrieve them from history as
that crawling up the screen happens and you can't read the whole command
line to attempt to modify it. 

Bill Gradwohl
(817) 224-9400 x211
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