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RE: splash screen - system hangs ?

y,y,y, i get it

sorry for such "questions", i am really new linux user, so sometimes i am blocked with really simple problems whatever so this is my fedora conspiracy :):

booting, start-up everything is ok, except last line, after mdmonitor(or mdpd), kernel do not support ... ?

(unfortunately i can not see error, and do not know how to see log file in "Fail safe" mode)

then next thing is:

after login on, as root or normal user, system hangs at Splash screen.

i tried with:


Generic LCD 800x600

Monitor 800x600


i can not save any monitor type, seems that is something with monitor, gnome and X server

when i trying to edit XF86Config file in fail safe terminal mode seems that their is not such a file, possible ??

i also tested memory and everything seems all right




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From: Sean Estabrooks [mailto:seanlkml sympatico ca]

Sent: Monday, May 24, 2004 12:43 PM

To: perica zamir net

Subject: Re: splash screen - system hangs ?

On Mon, 24 May 2004 12:34:19 +0200

"tomislavp" <perica zamir net> wrote:

> ++

> if i want to boot in single mode (at grub, and type " single") system

> hangs on "Enabling swap space: {OK}"

> "sh-2.05# " <<<< list line ?



That's actually the successful conclusion of booting into single user mode.

It's a prompt waiting for you to type commands. Single user mode is

non-graphical unless you start the GUI manually.


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