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Re: Soundcard recognized but no sound

Paul D. Brown wrote:

On Wed, May 26, 2004 at 07:43:28AM -0500, Marc Mouries wrote:


With FC I can see in the control panel that my sound card
is well recognized. My soundblaster live is seen as "emu10k1"
but there is not sound.
I tried to raise the volume in the alsa mixer but it did not help.

Any hints ?


It isn't still muted, is it? The mixer starts with the volume zeroed
and muted, I think.

Are you playing a CD or a sound clip (for example, via XMMS)?  If playing
a CD and this is a newer machine, often they are shipped without the cable
from the CD drive to the sound card so a standard CD play program on Linux
will not produce audio (but it works fine under Windows as WMP reads
the sound from the CD, loads it into the CPU, does pretty graphics,
and writes it out to the audio device).

Any Linux-based CD players that do the same thing as WMP (nice eye

Good luck,
Wade Hampton

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