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Re: FC2 Sound Card problem, using mp3, XMMS too loud, Rhythmbox too quiet.

On Wed, 2004-05-26 at 10:13, Dave wrote:

> With FC1 XMMS/Rhythmbox/Soundcard detection work okay but with FC2 when
> I *first* start XMMS the volume level is always 100% and the sound blows
> even my weedy speakers into the next garden! So I have to quickly reduce
> it to about 50% to listen in comfort. But after closing and restaring
> XMMS the sound level is set to the previous input I used.

Well I've been twiddling all day and after looking at a few pages I went
to this one:-
and ran alsamixer as root and put everything to max including some
sliders way over on the right. After escaping out the desktop sounds
started and the Souncard Detection Utility worked correctly. XMMS and
Rhythmbox are now working okay although XMMS still starts up first time
with 100% vol but I can handle that now that the two sound outputs are

Although whilst playing back through XMMS and opening the sound controls
produces some background interference so I'll stay away from that for a

I just wonder now whether I can live with 'Sound for events' or risk
something going wrong if I turn it off :(


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