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Re: FC2 ate my system

On Wed, 26 May 2004, Roy Brown wrote:

Well, it looks like I hit the dreaded dual-boot bug. I hadn't realized it affected Win2K in addition to WinXP. After failing to boot into my Windows partition, I decided to give up on FC2. I tried reinstalling my previous Linux (Libranet 2.8) in the hope that it would fix the broken boot stuff. No luck. Then I tried a "repair" with Windows...failure. Then I tried to reinstall Windows from scratch (including deleting all partitions)...failure. Any ideas what to try next? I just want a working Windows system again. I didn't see anything about LBA mode in my BIOS options (Albatron MB with i845PE chipset).

PS: this is an amazingly bad bug to let into a release. Is there going to be a "fixed" version of FC2? I would have thought that a bug this bad would have warranted pulling the release until it was fixed. It doesn't just not install, it screws up your system. Was this problem in FC2T3 or was it introduced in the final release?

You might want to check:



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