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RE: FC2 on Thinkpad T21

Using APM or ACPI? 

On T21 (2647-4AU) when I switched on APM (apm=on acpi=off) pressing Fn-F4
resulted in blanking the screen and hanging the entire machine (the fan was
still working, the standby led was off, and I could not power it on again).
I have the newest BIOS. With ACPI I had to configure acpi events (vanilla
install puts almost nothing in /etc/acpi/events) and with Fn-F4 I can put
the notebook to standby (echo 3 > proc/acpi/sleep ) but the Ultrabay led is
still on, and I can only wake it up with power button (not Fn). Fn-F3 is
also not functional (it does not generate events, and other S states are not
very functional anyway). Maybe there is an updated DSDT for T21 somewhere on
the web? Also the ACPI CPU power states were annoying - my notebook emits
strange hum when CPU is in C3, I had to disable CPU power management in BIOS
completely to get rid of this, but maybe there is a better way (for example,
to limit allowed states to C1 and C2 only, or change them manually,
similarly to throttling)?

Any ideas? :-)

Piotr Gawrysiak

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Gawrysiak, Piotr (GILW) wrote:
> Anyone installed Fedora Core 2 on IBM Thinkpad T21 and got suspend,
> standby and hibernation working? (APM or ACPI - for me APM does not work 
> at all, and ACPI only partially...)

Not a T21, but I didn't have any problem on my T20


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