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Re: FC2 ate my system

On Wed, 26 May 2004 11:10:30 -0400
Gordon Keehn <gordonkeehn netzero net> wrote:

> > I won't debate whether FC is the best free distro available (OK, it's
> > the only one I've tried), but based on what I've seen on this forum,
> > that doesn't change my opinion that FC2 was rushed into distribution
> > before it was ready.  Nor does it change the fact that I think (skill
> > of the current maintainers notwithstanding;  I could never do what
> > they are) there is a basic flaw which will prevent Fedora from being
> > anything but a toy for the technically competent few who can work
> > around the kind of glitches that appear to exist in the latest
> > package.

Hi Gordon,

Suggest you read http://fedora.redhat.com to see who Fedora is meant
for and why.   This is a major upgrade and the few deficiencies that
people are crying most loudly about weren't solved because we as a 
community didn't help solve them in time.   Complaining about them
now isn't going to help,  becoming a helpful tester would.    On the two 
machines I tested I had and have no serious problems.   We need even 
more testers to help out, especially when making such big changes.

People said same thing about MS service packs for years and wouldn't
touch them for months after they were released to see what the 
fallout was.    Our project can only work if people will test and help solve
problems that the main developers can't duplicate on their own machines.


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