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Re: FC2 Sound Card problem, using mp3, XMMS too loud, Rhythmbox too quiet.

On Wed, 2004-05-26 at 15:57, Ted Gervais wrote:

> Dave - did you get your 'sound for events to work too?  I mean you have
> your other sound/music playing etc., but for KDE - do you have those
> event sounds working now??
> If so - how did you get them turned on (again)????
> -- 
> Ted Gervais
> Coldbrook, Nova Scotia
> Canada.

I logged in with a KDE user but there were no sounds even from the
Soundcard check. So I just opened up a terminal (just the ordinary user
not root) and ran 'alsamixer' and used the arrow keys to get over to the
right hand sliders where there were four (in my case) keys marked GSX so
I used the up arrow to put them all to max then escaped out.
Then from the menus... preferences>control centre>sound and
multimedia>system notification .Then I selected the Apply to all apps in
Quick control and clicked the 'Turn on all' with sounds button. After
exiting the sounds were on. Much nicer than Gnomes :))



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