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Re: Suspend or hibernate - how?

Pete Toscano wrote:
On Tue, 25 May 2004, Satish Balay wrote:

I've tried suspend to ram - not disk. If ACPI were to work you could
do the following as root:

echo 3 > /proc/acpi/sleep

Hmmmm, this works and is surprisingly quick, but when I recover (by
holding down the power button for a few seconds), I've lost my pointer.
Anybody know how to fix this?


I've love to know as well. I'm currently using testing rpm of kernel 2.6.6-1.383. The same result after resuming from suspend. I lose all ability to point using my USB mouse or touchpad. Even an init 3 then init 5 doesn't restore them. Only a reboot does. Also, my LCD monitor on my Thinkpad T30 doesn't turn off.

My solution was to return to using apm only by added "acpi=off" in the kernel parameters in grub.conf, just as Satish Balay has done. I'll probably keep testing this as each new testing kernel rpm comes out.


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