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Re: FC2 ate my system

Sean Estabrooks wrote:

Hi Gordon,

Suggest you read http://fedora.redhat.com to see who Fedora is meant
for and why. This is a major upgrade and the few deficiencies that
people are crying most loudly about weren't solved because we as a community didn't help solve them in time. Complaining about them
now isn't going to help, becoming a helpful tester would. On the two machines I tested I had and have no serious problems. We need even more testers to help out, especially when making such big changes.

I did test. I didn't run into any problems because I installed on a small box that I use exclusively for such matters. I do not install beta software (and especially beta operating systems) on my primary machine (dual-boot FC1 and Win2K), nor do I intend to install FC2 on my primary machine at this time. In fact I don't intend to install FC2 anywhere, at any time. So, not only did my (albeit limited) testing of FC2 fail to turn up anything significant, but the perceived attitude that a) it's my fault if I didn't turn up a problem during test, and b) if I do run into problems later it's also my fault, has insured that I won't be running any future Fedora drivers. But since I have limited resources for testing, and just enough technical skills to be dangerous, that shouldn't matter to the likes of Sean.
BTW when MS service packs had a reputation for causing more problems than they fixed, users avoided service packs. As did I. If Fedora Core gets a reputation for trashing existing installations, users will avoid Fedora Core, and the fact that this problem appears to have been KNOWN earlier, and still wasn't fixed in the final driver, won't help.

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